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YES, acryllic, 85x105 cm
Don Quijote, acrylic, 50x60 cm *)
Blomstertorg oil, 75x105 cm
Cuba, acrylic, 145x85 cm
Over Hardangervidda/Crossing Hardangervidda, acrylic, 100x100 cm
Efter brudevalsen/After the waltz, 60x80 cm
Tid for mat og hvile/Time for food and rest, oil, 130x80 cm
Finse hotel 1222, acrylic, 50x60 cm
Hallingskarvet mountain, acrylic, 50x60 cm
Kiting på Finsevannet Finse/Kiting at Lake Finse, acrylic, 50x60 cm
Julestemning og hyttekos, acrylic, 50x70 cm
Kveldsbad i solnedgang/Swim at sunset, acrylic, 60x 100 cm
Hval hale/The whale tail, acrylic, 95x115 cm
Øyne du aldri glemmer/Eyes you never forget, oil, 80x100 cm
Vinter/Winter, acrylic, 50x50 cm
Med gode venner/With good friends, oil, 79x95
Gode venner på fisketur/Two good friends out fishing, oil, 50x60 cm
Stormnatt I/Stormy night I, oil, 110x85 cm
Mot toppen/Near the top, acrylic, 80x60 cm
Finse Hytta/Finse mountain lodge, acrylic, 55x80 cm
Høst/Fall acrylic, 100x120 cm
Morgengry/Dawn, oil, 150x80 cm
Tidlig vår/Early Spring, oil, 50x60 cm
Tortour de France, oil, 50x80 cm
Roer/Rower, oil, 180x100 cm
Downhill biking, acrylic, 50x60 cm
Gordon setter, acrylic on canvas, 50x70 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 40x60 cm
Vintersport, oil panel and canvas, 60x60 cm
Karate. Hopp sidekick, oil knife on panel, 50x60 cm
Runde, Alesund, acrylic, 60x100 cm
Colorful City, Trondhjem, acrylic, 60x100 cm
Ridende politi, Mexico City, acrylic, on 2 canvasses, 60x80 cm
Aron Skisenter, Drammen, acrylic, 80x100cm
Laksefisker, acrylic, 50x60 cm
Storm på Hardangervidda, Norway, oil, 85x100 cm
Å hoppe etter Wirkola, Olympic colours, 120x150 cm
John Lennon, lack and acrylic on paper, 60x70 cm
404, acrylic on canvas, 60x60 cm
Landskap i sorg, acrylic on canvas, 50x60 cm
when there is nothing more to say, acrylic on canvas, 90x100 cm
4% Alt henger i en tynn tråd, oil,  100x120 cm
4% Alt henger i en tynn tråd, oil, 100x120 cm
Bakenfor alt/Behind the curtains, oil, 80x120 cm
Skrik bak korset/Scream behind the cross, oil, 100x150 cm
Lengsel/Longing, acrylic, 80x60 cm
Mellom hav og land, acrylic, 50x50 cm
Impression soleil levant. Kanchanaburi, Kwaii river bridge, oil on canvas, 60x80 cm
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